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Dr. Riethmüller-Winzen, CEO
Dr. Hilde Riethmüller-Winzen, CEO
A summary of the curriculum vitae, experience and achievements of Hilde Riethmüller-Winzen is presented here:

Study of human medicine and license as a Specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care at a German University Hospital. First performance of clinical studies. Senior physician in anesthesiology for several years. Substitution for general physicians.

Experience in the pharmaceutical industry
Since 1984 international management duties in medical research and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. Established and managed the corporate Phase I Unit of the research based company ASTA Medica AG, Frankfurt, Germany.

Managed phases I-IV
working on various indications. Director of Medical Services of the Spanish subsidiary of ASTA Medica (Madrid): Set-up and supervision of a medical division with emphasis on Marketing. Active participation in the implementation of restructuring measures for business units.