About us
Long-standing and extensive experience, tasks, and goals

DR. RIETHMÜLLER M/R/S GMBH can look back on over 35 years of successful and skilled expertise in international drug development in numerous indications.
DR. RIETHMÜLLER M/R/S GMBH is committed to offering the best possible solution and thus aims to shorten the time-to-market of drugs, medical devices and diagnostics and to enrich and strengthen the product portfolio of its valued customers, while improving patients' quality of life and respecting their dignity.

Indications and pharmaceutical formulations

Clinical and preclinical activities have been carried out by us in numerous benign and oncologic indications, e.g. neurologic, cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, hematologic, endocrine, infectious, immunologic, gastro-intestinal, gynecologic and urologic diseases, and in the treatment of pain.
Services on human and non-clinical pharmacologic (pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics) and pharmaceutical (CMC) topics also form part of our portfolio as well developments for pediatric and elderly patients.

Compounds and pharmaceutical formulations
Longstanding experience has been gained by the team with new small chemical entities, biosimilars, recombinant drugs, antibodies, proteins, oncolytic vaccines (biomedicines), plant extracts, generics; solid, liquid, semiliquid dosage forms; local (inhalative, intranasal, intraocular, dermal), oral, intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular administration; medical devices and diagnostics.